Attorney Information For Business Owners

Attorney Information For Business Owners

Why You Should Work With A Lawyer When Licensing New Software For Your Business

by Ken Marshall

Are you getting ready to license some new software for your business? Here are a few good reasons to consider working with a lawyer throughout the process.

Understand the Usage Rights

One of the most important reasons to work with a lawyer when licensing new software for your business is to ensure that you understand all of your usage rights and responsibilities. If the fine details in your license aren't completely understood, you may end up accidentally breaching your license and losing your ability to use the software you need.

Luckily, you can count on your attorney to go through the entire license agreement with you line by line to make sure that you fully understand every point and how the usage rights and regulations will affect your ability to use your new software in the coming years if at all. And you'll be able to easily avoid any taking any actions, such as installing the software on unauthorized computers, that would breach your license contract when all is said and done.

Negotiate a Better Deal

Hiring a lawyer to represent you when licensing new software for your business will also give you an opportunity to negotiate a better deal than you're originally offered for the license. Negotiating a better licensing deal is important because it will help save your business some money as time goes on.

For example, your lawyer may be able to bring the cost of your licensing down or increase the number of licenses you can maintain for the software. And your lawyer may be able to negotiate a longer licensing term for your business so you don't have to worry about renewing it at any point in the near future.

Make Deactivation Easy

If your find that your business no longer needs the software that you're licensing, your lawyer can help you determine whether you can legally deactivate your license by giving notice or if you'll need to pay a penalty in order to get out of the license early. Or if you want to transfer your software license to a new computer system, your lawyer can help you deactivate the license for the old system, transfer the software to your new system, and then activate new licensing for it so the process is legal and seamless.

And your attorney will help ensure that any actions you need to take or fees you need to pay in order to transfer your license to a new computer system is taken care of in a timely manner so you don't have to deal with a lapse in your licensing.

For more information about the legalities of software licensing, consult with a business attorney.


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