Attorney Information For Business Owners

Attorney Information For Business Owners

  • 4 Common Questions About At-Will Employment

    Losing your job is stressful under any circumstances. While few people ever feel that termination is justified, the prevalence of at-will employment throughout the United States means that most employment separations are at least legal. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is not unheard of for employers to overstep their bounds and wrongfully terminate an employee. These four common questions about at-will employment and wrongful termination will help you to determine if your employer violated the law when they fired you.

  • How To Avoid Awkward Moments And Lawsuits In International Business

    Cultures around the globe dictate a certain manner of managing oneself and presenting oneself with a level of cultural awareness and sensitivity that not too many people are aware of or cultivate in themselves. However, if you are in international trade with other companies and other cultures, you have to find this level of sophistication and utilize it at every turn. When you know that you want to avoid awkward moments and lawsuits in international business, here is what you need to do next.

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Attorney Information For Business Owners

My name is Linda and my husband and I recently opened a small business. Since we didn't know anything about being business owners, we hired a business attorney to make sure that we followed all the necessary rules and regulations for small business owners. Our attorney made sure everything ran smoothly for us so that we were ready for our grand opening. If you're considering opening a business, this blog will help you understand all the legalities that's associated with running a business. I wanted to make this information easily attainable so that everyone who wants to open their own business can begin to make their dreams come true.