Attorney Information For Business Owners

Attorney Information For Business Owners

How To Avoid Awkward Moments And Lawsuits In International Business

by Ken Marshall

Cultures around the globe dictate a certain manner of managing oneself and presenting oneself with a level of cultural awareness and sensitivity that not too many people are aware of or cultivate in themselves. However, if you are in international trade with other companies and other cultures, you have to find this level of sophistication and utilize it at every turn. When you know that you want to avoid awkward moments and lawsuits in international business, here is what you need to do next. 

Hire an International Trade Attorney

You cannot possibly understand the many legal and illegal nuances of international trade for the two-hundred-plus countries in this world. It would take a sheer genius to know it all. However, if you hire an international trade lawyer, the lawyer can research each country and its legalities with regards to business whenever you decide that this or that country is where you want to sell goods or services or employ dozens to thousands of people through international outsourcing. The international trade attorney will keep you from making business faux pas of the biggest sort while still helping you make a lot of money on foreign soil. 

Hire a Cultural Attache for the Country You Want to Visit

Cultural attaches know everything there is to know about cultures, religions, business and personal practices, etc., for the countries in which they are well-versed. They can tell you whether or not it is appropriate to shake hands in Oman and look people directly in the eyes in Japan. Making sure you follow the attache's advice to the letter will help you appear knowledgeable and respectable to another culture and country. 

Hire a Linguist

Being able to speak another person's language is not only impressive to them but also shows a sign of respect for their country. In many countries, it is not only important to know a few words but to pronounce them correctly as well. Mispronounced words may end up coming across as either rude or offensive, or possibly ignorant, which you definitely do not want. Hiring a linguist who is both fluent in a language and can help you pronounce words correctly will curry favor with business partners in other countries and show your level of respect for them. 

If Nothing Else, Hire a Translator Too

If you find the language too difficult to learn (and some languages are), hire a translator to travel with you. The translator will make your business known in a manner that is concise and clearly defined. Any language barriers and/or awkwardness that would otherwise result from broken English and/or broken foreign language are avoided. 


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Attorney Information For Business Owners

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