Attorney Information For Business Owners

Attorney Information For Business Owners

3 Legal Issues An Employment Attorney Solves

by Ken Marshall

Workplaces offer a means of livelihood to employees. However, they may not always be safe. Your fellow employees may hate you, your boss might try to take advantage of you, or there could be some other issue that causes this environment to be hostile. Reporting to the HR manager or your supervisor may help solve some issues. But some legal issues are best handled by an employment attorney. This article discusses three of such issues.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take various forms. They include physical touching and sexual assault, lewd jokes, innuendos, sexual discrimination, and other forms of disparate treatment. It may come from a fellow employee or a manager and could be verbal or physical.

Every state has laws that protect employees from sexual harassment. If you're a victim of this form of assault, an employment attorney can help you file a complaint or an arbitration claim. They'll do so by contacting the EEOC and providing enough details to help them investigate the case. If your complaint is upheld, you'll receive a form called a charge. They can also help you file a lawsuit in court.

 Gender Discrimination

Some workplaces have a culture that discriminates against women. This can cause psychological issues to the victims and make them suffer from stress and anxiety. It can also negatively affect their work performance. Some forms of gender discrimination prevalent in workplaces include pay inequality, lack of access to promotions and training opportunities, and unfair treatment by supervisors or coworkers.

Discrimination is illegal and can be addressed by an employment attorney. They'll provide you with advice on how to file a discrimination claim, tell you what your legal options are, and advise you on how to respond to your employer's action.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can cause injuries to employees and their families. They result from a variety of causes, which include unsafe work practices such as improperly handling chemicals or machinery, hazardous materials, poor lighting conditions that create risk for slips and falls, failure to provide proper training on how to use tools or machines properly, and careless behavior on the part of employers or supervisors.

If you're injured at work, an employment lawyer will investigate what caused your injuries and file a lawsuit. If it was caused by negligence, your lawyer will negotiate a settlement with your employer and any other party involved. They'll also help you collect any benefits you're entitled to, including workers' compensation, disability insurance, and health insurance.

If your workplace environment is very accommodating but hostile, an employment lawyer can help you. They'll handle most legal issues occurring in this environment, giving you peace of mind.

Contact an employment attorney in your area for more information.


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